Hair Mask

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  • Intense Hair Mask Moisture & Shine Hair Smoothie


    CAROL'S DAUGHTER BLACK VANILLA MOISTURE & SHINE HAIR SMOOTHIE     NO SILICONES, NO PARABENS, NO MINERALE OIL, NO SYNTHETIC COLORS, NO PETROLATUM Replenishes moisture Improves manageability Adds shine Protects hair   Directions: Use weekly Size: 226 gr.



    CAROL'S DAUGHTER MONOI REPAIRING HAIR MASK    NO SILICONES, NO PARABENS, NO MINERALE OIL, NO SYNTHETIC COLORS, NO PETROLATUM   Moisturizes hair Fortifies hair Protects hair Deep conditions hair     Directions: Weekly or monthly Size: 250 gr.

  • No Frizz Hair Mask for curls and coils


    CAROL'S DAUGHTER CUPUAÇU ANTI-FRIZZ SMOOTHING HAIR MASK NO SILICONES, NO PARABENS, NO MINERALE OIL, NO SYNTHETIC COLORS, NO PETROLATUM     Stops frizz for 72 hours Deeply moisturizes hair Strengthens hair Protects hair   Directions: Use weekly Size: 200gr

  • Hair treatment
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    Hair Treatment Olive Oil Infusion for Dry Damaged Hair


    CAROL'S DAUGHTER KHORET AMEN OLIVE OIL INFUSION   NO SILICONEN, NO PARABENS, NO MINERALE OIL, NO SYNTHETIC COLORS, NO PETROLATUM   Deeply moisturizes Unify definition Improve softness Softens hair Detangles hair     Directions: Use as special treatment Size: Khoret Amen Hair Oil 60 ml. Khoret Amen Hair Smoothie 226 gr. 1 Treatment cap 1 Easy-application nozzle

  • Pure Argan Oil
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    Pure Argan Oil – Morimax


    MORIMAX 100% PURE ARGAN OIL   Prevents drying and environmental damage by coating the hair shaft Seals in moisture and smooths fly-aways Makes hair more manageable and less prone to breakage from brushing and styling.    Directions: Use as desired Size : 150 ml

  • Pure avocado olie
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    Pure Avocado Oil – Morimax


    MORIMAX 100% PURE AVOCADO OIL   Is easily absorbed into hair and scalp Moisturizes dry, brittle and damaged heir Contains many nutrients such as vitamins A, B, D, E, protein, and many more, all beneficial for nourishment and hair growth.   Directions: Use as desired Size: 250 ml.

  • Pure Castor Oil for moisturizing dry scalp and fried damaged hair


    MORIMAX PURE CASTOR OIL   Locks moisture in your hair Promotes hair growth Conditions hair Gives shine   Directions: Use as desired Size: 150 ml.  

  • Pure Coconut Oil
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    Pure Coconut Oil For Dry Scalp and Hair


    MORIMAX 100% PURE COCONUT OIL  Penetrates deep into the hair shaft to strengthen weak spots. Protects hair Improves hair cuticles Directions: Use as desired Size : 150 ml    

  • Self Heating Conditioning Cap for all Deep Conditioning Treatments


    MAGIC HEAT-LOCK CONDITIONING CAP     Keeps the warmth inside Lets the hair cuticles open and better absorb the treatment       Directions: Use for deep-conditioning Size: Fits all