Pretty with Hair Parting

Pretty with Hair Parting is the new Half Wig.

Airy, ultra light and undetectable,  fitting your complete head with a gap for your natural parting.

Half Wig, smartly designed to really protect your hair and grow it long.
Feel what it’s like to have long, flowing hair, no matter what.

Hair Weave

  • Meticulously crafted to match your hair all over with a gap for your parting and own hair.
  • Lots of added volume and hair length, none of the weight.
  • No bonding, no micro rings, no glue, no tape, no thread, no hair damage.
  • Secured staying power with a few hair clips.
  • No dry, damaged, brittle hair afterwards.
  • No hair breakage.
  • No pulling on your hair.
  • You can mix your hair through the holes with the added hair.
  • Or you can braid your hair underneath.
  • You can take care of your own hair whenever needed.
  • You can sleep tight without removing your Pretty Head.
  • You feel confident and free to have your hair stroked without fearing bumps or bulk.
  • No more stares from people inspecting the strange hairline, suspecting that you’re wearing a weave or a wig.
  • The 100% Human Hair (Remy) comes in your hair type and hair color. Only longer, softer and more manageable.

Pretty with Hair Parting is 100 % handmade
Custom orders are possible

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