Pure Glycerin for dehydrated curls, weaves and wigs




  • Draws water into the hair
  • Moisturizes hair



Directions: Dilute with water
Size: 150 ml

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Helps draw moisture from the air to the shafts in the hair.
It works as a potent hair conditioner since curly hair can easily fall prey to dryness.
Heavy in humectants, it pulls moisture into the hair and retains it. Beware: If the environment around the hair is drier than the hair, it is possible for humectants to push moisture from the hair to the dry air.

Tip : Glycerin loves water. If the hair is wet, and the glycerine has been diluted well before it’s applied, it will penetrate the hair shaft, and draw more water to itself within the shaft, thus moisturizing the hair it has been applied to.

Do keep in mind :

  • Glycerin is able to penetrate the hair cuticle and strip away any chemical colors that may be present. When using a semi-permanent hair color, glycerin is able to strip away the color quite easily.
  • Glycerin in mist form may irritate your eyes and skin if it comes in direct contact. If you have generally oily hair then it is better not to use glycerin.
  • Avoid the overuse of undiluted glycerine in dry, non-humid climates as in such situations it will pull out moisture from your skin and hair, resulting in blistered skin and a brittle mane. Always dilute glycerin with a Morimax carrier oil in such conditions.

Brand: Morimax
Brand name: 100% Pure Glycerin


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